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Terms and Policies

         It is our hope to create trips that are unique, meaningful and socially responsible.  Because our trips are small and their success is dependent so much on the contributions of the travelers, who have crafted the following terms and policies to assure our sustainability and to allow for proper planning.


  • All deposits are nonrefundable. Purchasing trip insurance will protect you from deposit loss if circumstances prevent your ability to participate.  Deposits may be deferred to another upcoming Corazón Journey at our discretion.

  • Trip costs beyond the deposit can be refunded up to 90 days before departure (unless otherwise defined.)

  • We must provide payment in advance to our vendors therefore there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. 

  • Each traveler is required to purchase trip insurance to address any delays or cancellation related to weather, natural disasters or political situations that disrupt travel.  In case of such events, Corazón Journeys will attempt to reschedule and divert program costs to a later date.  But because we cannot dictate the policies of our vendors, we cannot guarantee fund recoveries or rescheduling. 

Participation Policies

  • Participants must be 18 years of age, or be accompanied by an adult, such as a parent or care provider who can assume legal responsibility for the child.

  • Each participant must complete a health information form and is responsible for determining if the trip is appropriate for their ability level.

  • We have the right to refuse service to anyone if for any reason we believe the trip is not an appropriate fit for their needs.

  • Our clients have a right to terminate our services for any reason, but our refund policy will dictate what funds can be returned.

  • Each participant is responsible for safe-guarding their travel documents, such as passports and insurance, and assuring that documents are current. 

  • In order to make arrangements and assure the safety of our clients, we keep relevant personal information, including medical conditions and needs.  This is kept confidential and is not shared outside the office of Corazón Journeys.

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