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Any of our destinations or themes can be tailored to your dates

and group needs.  We can provide a guide, setup site visits and

transportation so that your group experience is as authentic as you are.

We can currently craft journeys to Guatemala, Oaxaca, and Nepal.

In partnership with you, we can determine dates and sight visits.

These will focus within our mission of social justice. 


  • Childhood education

  • Civil rights

  • Animal justice

  • Environmental preservation

  • Women's justice issues

  • Preserving traditional arts

  • Sustainable farming

  • Wellness practices

Contact Debbie DuPey for perimeters. Minimum of 6 people.


Craft Your Own

"My daughter and I went to Guatemala with Debbie DuPey a few years ago and met the

beautiful indigenous weavers who impacted my life with their passion and stories. Their

resilient life-work, banded together with the history of their art, heart and courage, is

spectacular. The entire journey and mission to support these women's work was deeply

moving and inspiring. Their community building is powerful and touched me so deeply.

Thank you Debbie!" - Heather Maddox, 2014 Traveler

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