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Our Beneficiaries

Each trip is intentionally designed to benefit the destination country.


Through partnering with local organizations, travelers are connected with social

efforts that do the hands-on work to build up their communities in a variety of ways.

Here, travelers can learn about the mission of the organizations in our network.

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Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Corazón Learning Center

Weekend programming provides literacy and self-esteem enrichment activities to the weavers’ children. Specialists provide innovative training for the teachers so they can

help the children. The women receive workshops on such topics as health, wellness and self-esteem, supporting their children’s education, and skill-based training in accounting and computers. The Center is located in Chimaltenango, Guatemala and serves the women of the cooperative Corazón de Mujer and their children.

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"Supporting women and children develop skills for success!"

Oaxaca, Mexico



CEDICAM is an agricultural project in the Mixteca Alta area,

one of the most damaged and eroded farmlands in the world. By each one teach one methods, farmers learn ways, often the old traditional ones, to restore the soil, retain the water,

and be able to feed their families and have a marketable harvest. Women have the opportunity to take leadership

roles, form savings and loan associations, invest in greenhouses and equipment. The organization also

works to improve social and medical services in small

isolated villages. No website currently available.

"Contribute to the development of local capacities, for the sustainable production of food, the conservation of the environment and the promotion of mutual respect between men and women."

Hetauda, Nepal

Friends of WPC Nepal


Founder Lila Ghising was born in Hetauda, Nepal, near the Indian border. As Lila grew up in Hetauda, she noticed her friends started to vanish. After being spared from human trafficking, she set out to rescue and restore those who 

were not as fortunate as her. Women’s Protection Center

Nepal is Lila’s dream realized. Over the last 17 years, 

their safe home in Nepal has grown along with their

awareness and vocational training programs. Through their programming, thousands of women and children have

been rehabilitated since their inception.

They support awareness programs in rural villages by partnering with local communities to raise awareness and prevent trafficking. They also provide Safe Migration Counseling for those accepting jobs abroad.
The WPC Safe Home in Hetauda, Nepal provides a safe place for those at-risk of trafficking or who have been rescued from trafficking. They are given shelter, food and education in a loving and supportive environment. WPC empowers women and children through education scholarships, vocational training and assistance with starting their own business. They are able to support their families and build up their local economy.

"Fighting against human trafficking and changing lives, one woman, one child at a time!"

Hanoi, Vietnam

The Vietnam Friendship Village

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The Vietnam Friendship Village is a residential facility

located in Hanoi, Vietnam that provides medical care,

physical therapy, education and vocational training to Vietnamese children, young adults and veterans with a

range of maladies presumed to be caused by Agent

Orange. Through raising support for this “village” in collaboration with other groups based in Vietnam, France, Germany, Japan and Canada, Vietnam Friendship Village

Project USA (VFVP-USA) provides opportunities for U.S.

citizens to be part of an international community working

"Cultivate reconciliation and heal the wounds of the Vietnam War by uniting

veterans and caring citizens through international cooperation in the building and

support of the Village of Friendship, a living symbol of peace."

to heal the wounds of war and create a model of cross-cultural cooperation based on caring, friendship

and mutual respect. VFVP-USA is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit. Vietnam Friendship Village Project

USA (VFVP-USA), known within our organization as the US Committee, is a charitable nonprofit that raises

money in the United States to help support the Vietnam Friendship Village in Hanoi.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Vida Nueva Women's Weaving

Vida Nueva Women’s Weaving Cooperative is known for its work for women’s justice in a traditional Zapotec community, as well a for the quality of their artistic work. Many student groups come to them to learn about their community projects for sustainable living and social justice as well as the use of natural dyes that they produce from local sources they gather themselves. Here we will learn about village life, indigenous community structures and celebrations, and the changing role and status of women in a traditional society.

Vida Nueva fb 2.jpg

"Creating economic and artistic opportunities for Zapotec women."

Do you want to partner with Corazón Journeys to create an education and service trip?


~ Participants provide a donation to your social justice project.

~ Your social justice project receives on-going publicity through the Corazón Journeys website.

~ Opportunity to cultivate relationships with individuals who share your passion for social justice.

~ Maybe this is your country of origin. Maybe it is an adopted home where you have

been inspired to make positive changes. Corazón Journeys bring greater awareness to an issue

and geographical area that you are passionate about.

Let’s begin the conversation.

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