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Thank you for visiting. Let me share about my passion
for making a difference through heart-based travel.

Debbie DuPey, CEO

My heart-felt belief is when 

like-minded people around

the world come together

we can create a more

beautiful, compassionate

global community!


Traveling changed me in a profound way.



Growing up in small town in Washington State, traveling the world did not seem possible. 

Magazines showed me pictures of far off places, and though the people were mysterious to me, the

smiles on their faces showed me we were more similar than different. In my twenties, I traveled solo

to Russia. I realized on this trip that traveling was the best way to know

the truth about what was happening in the world. You had to go

there yourself.  Talk to the people. Hear their stories. You had

to shop in their grocery stores and walk down their streets. 

I knew then that my life's path would include utilizing my

own passion for travel to open the world to people who were

just as curious as I am about other countries and cultures.

As an adult, I worked both in the group travel industry

and in the field of social justice. I have traveled, worked, lived and

volunteered throughout Central America, Asia and Africa. My vision is

to partner with individuals who have a deep connection to the place and people. Often it is their own country or a place where they have developed strong roots. All our partners are committed to social

justice work.

My heart-felt belief is when like-minded people around the world  come together we can create a more beautiful, compassionate global community

Debbie DuPey

"I realized on this trip that traveling was the best way

to know the truth

about what was

happening in the world.

Traveling Truths

  • Travel opens the mind and the heart.

  • We can travel in a way that allows us to learn 

      and do good work.

  • We must be respectful guests, who are responsible

      for our actions when we visit others countries.

  • Some of the most poignant impacts come when we

      return home to share our experiences with others.


Monica Lacayo 

Monica was born in Cali, Colombia, where she lived until moving to Guatemala as a teenager.  With a Colombian mother and Guatemalan father, both countries are a proud part of her heritage.  She frequently visits Cali to spend time with her grandmother, uncles aunts and many cousins.  She currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she works as an architect and enjoys relaxing at home with her husband and beloved dog Prince.  She loves sharing Colombia’s rich culture of salsa dancing and other arts.


Ginny Darvill

Ginny is an avid hiker and social justice advocate. While on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico she was inspired to support the indigenous weavers of Vida Nueva. She brings their hand-dyed rugs back to the U.S. to sell on behalf of the weavers.

Ginny_Darvill (1).jpeg

Lila Ghising

Lila is a native Nepali and founder of the Nepal Women's Protection Center and Safe House. Her experiences living on the streets of Hetauda, Nepal inspired her to work to end sex trafficking in Nepal.


Dania del

Valle Batres 

Dania has worked for over 15 years

as a guide and consultant for group service travelers in Central America.

She has worked with numerous

social justice organizations as

an organizer and translator.

She lives in Guatemala city.




Marcel is a Central American consultant, guide, and interpreter. He lived for 11 years in Guatemala, owning two restaurants in Antigua. He has

traveled throughout Central America.

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