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Our Mission

Corazón Journeys crafts social justice focused travel experiences

to help travelers understand the issues impacting the world while

providing financial support and service to communities in need.

Our goal is to create unique learning experiences

that foster global understanding.

Explore       Learn       Serve

"I helped all afternoon as the Spanish translator with eye exams for the elderly women.  

It was a moving experience for me, to see how grateful each woman was as their close

vision became clearer.  I laughed when I realized the women were choosing frames that

matched the colors of their traditional trajes (outfits). Each woman gave me a sincere

hug and I felt a loving bond between us. I was touched by this experience of service,

that came as an unexpected gift to me." - Anita Ordonez, 2016 Traveler


Having Trouble Choosing?

Craft Your Own Journey!

Any of our destinations or themes can be tailored to your dates and group needs. 
We can provide a guide, setup site visits and transportation so that your group
experience is as authentic as you are. Contact us for perimeters. Minimum of 6 people.

"I remember this trip with great joy.

There wasn't a moment that I wasn't delighted by all we saw and did."

 Gloria, Traveled to Oaxaca, 2019

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"When telling friends about my February 2016 trip to Guatemala, there are so many

things to tell.  As a traveler of various venues , I deeply and especially appreciate

the security of a well-planned, well-organized itinerary.  Many things make

this trip stimulating and unique." Carol Vines, 2016 Traveler

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